Writing this post

Feels like a deep darkness is overtaking

The word ‘toxic

Makes me feel the darkness creeping in

The poison of working a job I hate

As it affects my very being

How it affects, taunts, impacts

How I loathe it, hate it, dread it

How I leave each day

Wondering how I could ever make myself go back.

How I walk in each day, already exhausted

Thinking of bed

This isn’t normal

This isn’t right

I should be able to wake up

Excited about a new day

Instead I already feel

The ache in my feet

The pains in my legs

The burns on my arms

The skin on my fingertips destroyed

But I stay standing every day

Through a will I’m not sure how I have

Because this is a step I apparently must take

In the hope that the next one will be better